10 ideas to upgrade your living area

10 ideas to upgrade your living area

Your living area is the centrepiece of your home, it is where you wind down after a long day, entertain friends and family and catch up with your favourite TV show or book. The living area should suit your comfort needs as well as being highly functional, below you will find 10 ideas on how you can upgrade your living area.

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Upgrade your Living Area with neutral colours

Upgrade your living area by brightening up with neutral colours such as white, beige and maybe a splash of pastels if you want a pop of colour. White is a great reflector of light, but it can also feel quite a cool colour, combining white with beige can add a sense of warmth to the room.

Improve the air quality with some indoor plants

Introducing indoor plants can have a positive effect on your health and home, indoor plants can clean the air by absorbing the toxins and chemicals in the air. According to The Royal Horticultural Society, our can often produce more pollution indoors than the outside!

Minimise clutter with cordless lamps

Interior design is becoming a popular interest thanks to influencers such as Mrs Hinch and Lydia Millen, many of us are now opting for the clutter free, show home style and cordless lamps can help achieve that interior style. Handmade and designed with luxury in mind, the arc range can help contribute to a tidy and brighter living area.

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Upgrade your window dressings with Plantation Shutters

Interior shutters have always remained an interior favourite, opting for wooden shutters, especially in white can bounce a lot of natural light back into a room. Wooden shutters are a permanent dressing for your windows and are adaptable to the change in seasons. In the winter the shutter are fabulous for trapping heat into the home, and in the summer they act as vents and keep the home shaded and cool.

Dress the walls with art or prints

After all, this is your living area, so it needs to have some personality! Dress the walls with a canvas or print that reflects the mood you want for the room. If it a family room, opt for a canvas of a joyous family moment, if you are looking for a more relaxing tone why not consider natural prints of landscapes and animals?

Rearrange the furniture

Change your living area up entirely without spending a penny by rearranging the furniture, even if you decide to just change the home decor around this can have quite an impact.

Add colour and texture with soft furnishings

Add colour and texture to your living area with cushions and throws, with interiors being a large interest, retailers are producing vast ranges of brightly coloured and patterned soft furnishings in various materials to add a little detail and depth.

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Stylish yet practical storage solutions

It’s not uncommon for many homes to lack storage space, so if opting for bespoke storage units isn’t for you, consider storage trunks or highly decorative boxes, both stylish and practical.

Show home doesn’t have to compromise comfort

upgrade your living area without compromising your comfort! When choosing a sofa, whilst we all do love a web surf always pop out to your local stores to test the sofas out. You want your furniture to highly stylish but also cosy for the quiet evenings.

Upgrade and upcycle

Take an existing piece of furniture and give it a new lease of life with a lick of new paint. you can go wild and paint the table legs blue or switch the silver photo frames to a glorious gold. Simple yet effective.

Written by Abigail Kathleen
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