A-Z of AJ

A-Z of AJ

A         Alexander joseph

With a background in developing new products, we realised we could create something unique, and do it well! We created a range of decorative cordless table lamps, designed by some of the UKs finest artists and product designers. Expanding our range has allowed us to work with a variety of fine artists and businesses, dedicated to creating quality luxury products.

Visit our website here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/

B          Bulb

We use the very latest in high density lithium Ion batteries with a specially made vintage style LED bulb. Our bulbs are designed specifically for Alexander Joseph lamps, making them truly unique. Read about our lamps on our website… https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/about/

C          Commission

As well as the limited edition and permanent collections, Alexander Joseph offer a commission service. Designs can be submitted by sketch, or you can work with the Alexander Joseph team to design a lamp from scratch. See our collection of limited edition designed lamps here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/limited-edition/

D         Decorex

In 2019 Alexander Joseph exhibited at Decorex London for the first time. For the four-day event was a triumph. Our stand was designed by the very talented Eva Baron and dressed with her own handmade furniture designs.

Read about Decorex 2019 here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/alexander-joseph-to-exhibit-at-decorex-19/


E          Eva Baron

Following our successful Decorex collaboaration, Eva Baron designed two brand new cordless lamp collections for Alexander Joseph. The Earth and Scribble ranges herald a new chapter in lighting design. The Earth collection was inspired by the beauty of nature and natural materials from our planet; and the Scribble collection was inspired by the written word and named after some of England’s best wordsmiths.

Read about our collaboration with Eva on our news page… https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/earth-range-meet-the-designer/

F          Floor Lamp

After a successful launch with a collection of traditional table lamps, we decided to create the first Alexander Joseph floor lamp. We collaborated with Rosie Ridgway of April Hamilton to create ‘Capricorn’; a floor lamp inspired by travel.

View our Capricorn floor lamp today: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/limited-edition-capricorn/

G          Glass

The bodies of our glass lamps, and the glass detailing, are hand blown by our master craftsmen in the UK, Our glass ranges include some of the largest glass bodies ever created. See our full range of cordless lamps online… https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/shop/

H        High End

We only source the very best materials and finishes for our lamps, and only from UK suppliers. Our clients expect beautiful high-end products, so we strive to make the best quality lamps in the world.

I           Interior Design

Collaborating with interior designers has been a key driver in creating new products. Whether that is listening to designer feedback on trends, selecting colours and finishes or creating new designs together. The design community are at the heart of who we are and what we do.

J             Jade shade

One key feature of our lamps is adaptability. With a wide range of shades and materials, lamps can be adapted to suit a design perfectly, with no compromises. Designs can be chosen from our collection of fabrics, like this jade shade, or provide their own fabric for shades to be made.

Browse our shade choices here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/bespoke-shades/

K         24 Karat Gold

Our limited edition ‘Blaze’ lamp was created using 24 Karat gold to make the fittings and add a unique touch to the oversized blue glass body. Flakes of gold were blown into the body to ensure the full lamp was infused with gold.

Read about Blaze here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/limited-edition-blaze/

L          Luxury/Lithium Iron/LED/Light Bulb/Lampshade/LinkedIn/Limited edition

When our cordless lamp journey first began, we were faced with some technology limitations. To get around it, we have designed our own battery cells and electronics, solving battery life issues found in all other cordless lamps. We use the very latest in high density lithium ion batteries with a specially made vintage style LED bulbs. The technology is deliberately discrete but delivers unparalleled endurance of over 52 hours before recharging is needed.

Read about our lamp designs on our website… https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/about/

M         Mulliner

The latest limited-edition lamp to come from Alexander Joseph is the ‘Mulliner’ lamp. To commemorate 100 years of Bentley motor cars, Alexander Joseph in collaboration with DMark Concepts produced Mulliner. The design of this exclusive premium lamp not only pays homage to the luxurious specification of Bentley’s prestigious interiors and their brand-new convertible model, but does so sustainably, using a vegan leather to create the lampshade as a deferential nod to Bentley’s decision to offer vegan leather in their vehicles.

Read the story behind Mulliner on our news page: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/sbid-interview-the-making-of-a-luxurious-bentley-inspired-vegan-leather-lamp/

N          News

We love to keep everyone updated with our latest product launches, events, and news. We share our updates on our website regularly, and we also have an email subscription option; those who subscribe will be the first to receive news and information about launches.

Visit our news page here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/news/

O          One-offs

Alexander Josephs one-off lamps are designed for those who prefer to have pieces that are truly unique. One-offs can be chosen from our existing collection or designed by a client/designer to ensure that you have a lamp that no one else has!

Our limited edition lamps are available to view on our website: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/limited-edition-arena/

P          Personalise

Our lamps can be changed to suit your personal taste. Collections are normally available in a variety of colours, with different bases and lampshade options. Alternatively customers can choose to commission a more personal design.

Q          Quality

At Alexander Joseph we pride ourselves on having high quality, luxury products. From the technology inside our lamps to the magnificent sculped bodies, we make sure that every part of  our lamps is finished to perfection.

R         Ruby Red/Roadshow

To give our customers the opportunity to see our lamps in person and get a feel for the quality of our products, we travel all around the UK to visit you! You can request lamps to see, or we can choose a selection of lamps to bring to you, so keep an eye out for details on our next roadshow!

S          Stockists

Our lamps can now be seen in locations such as the Hannah Corcoran Design showroom Ireland, and in London in the Christopher Wray showroom.

Contact our stockists here: https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/stockists/

T          Trade Application

We happily accept trade applications from interior designers, yacht builders, architects and more. Our trade applications can be found on our website out under the ‘sell our lamps’ section. Our team will process your application withing 24 hours and ensure you everything you need to service your clients..

Our trade application can be found here on our website… https://www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk/sell-our-lamps/

U            Unique Designs

Our lamps are not only uniquely designed on the outside, but the inside too. The unsung element of our lamps is the sophistication of internal design. Ensuring the technology in every lamp is discreet was a key factor, this meant we had to create our own circuit board and charging system.

V          Versatility

With a cordless lamp you are not restricted by cables and sockets, making them extremely versatile. Lamps bought for your living room can be taken outside for alfresco dining. Or you could simply choose to move a lamp to a new position/room when you feel like it.

W        Wireless/Windsor/Workshop

In the coming months we will be moving into larger purpose-built workshops with a dedicated product development workshop. Next we are adapting our wireless technology to create wall lamps.

X            X-Factor

Our lamps have been selected for a number of product design awards, including the lighting category of the SBID design awards. We hope the judges think our lamps have the X Factor.

Y          YouTube

YouTube is one of our social media channels where we share our video content. From information about the technology and design of our lamps, to video shoots on the beach! View our videos today to see how our lamps work, and some of the beautiful locations where we have been filming.

Click on the link to see all videos on our YouTube channel… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfUv2i-8PqXSUn-mgkKQyhg?view_as=subscriber

Z          Zinnia shade

Our Zinnia shade is one of many choices from our selection of fabrics and materials, used to create one of our bespoke lamp shades. Zinnia gives a new lamp design a traditional feel.

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