Our founders have a long history of creating disruptive and innovative products. In 2017 our Managing Director moved home and discovered other than novelty or cheap solar lights designed for gardens it wasn’t possible to buy cordless lamps, so he decided to make his own. After a little research it became clear the biggest challenge would be global safety certification and creating a genuine alternative to conventional lighting with a plug and cord.

Alexander Joseph was launched in late 2018 with a limited range of decorative cordless lamps for the luxury interiors market. The initial range has grown over the years to include curated designs and one-off pieces.

The business started offering a bespoke cordless lamp service, making lamps to customer designs. In 2020 Alexander made a series of conventionally wired lamps for a returning customer renovating a palace in Europe, after that the word was out! We now make hand-made bespoke lighting for luxury projects interpreting your ideas or designs into superb quality pieces, this service is now responsible for 40% of our income.


We are a family run business, our owners and staff have a long history of making luxury products without compromise.

We care passionately about our reputation for quality and our customer service. If we say we will do something, we will do it. No ifs no buts. We always try to deal with people fairly and honestly, this extends to our greatest assets, our staff.

Made in Britain

We are particularly proud to say our lamps are 100% British. Every single component comes from British firms.

We visit all our suppliers to ensure we maintain our quality standards. New suppliers are only added if they are able to fulfill our suppliers charter.


Without exquisite craftsmanship, a beautiful design is destined to mediocrity, so craftsmanship is the cornerstone of everything we do and stand for. We seek out and hire the best artists, then provide them with an environment to allow their ability to shine.

Alexander Joseph has no automated and programmable processes. We make everything by hand, using traditional tooling. This said, we are always exploring new materials and techniques to expand our knowledge and ultimately our reputation.

Each lamp is issued with a serial number, every component and material along with the exact colour is recorded. This enables clients to replace a damaged lampshade, body, or component without the need to replace the lamp.


We created our own technology and have a series of patents pending. This means Alexander Joseph is the world’s only luxury cordless lamp maker.

Alexander Joseph has also developed its own bulb for use with lamps, this operates using less energy than traditional LED bulbs with the control drivers placed within the base of the lamp rather than the bulb. Our technology is hidden within a sealed base, or within the lamp body, this varies and is normally a function of the lamp design.

The technical team developed over a dozen innovative techniques in the way the batteries are charged then used, most of these are not used on any other cordless product. Collectively these techniques offer a step change in lamp endurance, making a cordless proposition viable. Lamps allow over 50 hours of use on a single charge, put another way, 3-4 weeks of evening use.