Colourful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Colourful Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorating with colour this Christmas


Winter Wonderland

Is a snowy scenery what you would like to achieve with your Christmas decorations this year? Using shades of white and blue is the ideal way to create an icy wonderland in your living room. Using white lights will help brighten up your room and adding white cushions and blankets will help emphasise the snowy feel.


Into the woods

If you are looking for a darker decor theme, forest green is a great colour to use to achieve this. Warmer toned lights will compliment darker colours, such as green and adding copper, bronze or jewel tones will warm up the room, as well as add a hint of Christmas sparkle!


Although many of us are trying new colour themes, you can never go wrong with traditional red and gold decorations.


Pretty in pink

Although an nontraditional colour pallet for Christmas decorations, pink is very much loved by some of us. Pale pink and white decor can be emphasised with matching soft furnishings and cosy lighting; the best part about pink is that it works with silver or gold, so you won’t need to throw away old decorations!


Summer in winter

If you are a sun worshiper and are missing the golden hues of the sun, why not bring in the colour with your Christmas decor? Yellow and gold are a fantastic combination of bright tones and traditional colour for a warm feel, or you can use silver to create a bright and reflective tree.


Rainbow decor

A popular pattern that we have seen a lot of this year is rainbow trees… perfect for those who can’t decide which colour to go for! Using a white tree will help emphasise the colourful decorations, and to really brighten things up, use colourful lights!


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