Decorating For Christmas With Neutral Colours

Decorating For Christmas With Neutral Colours

How to decorate for Christmas with neutral decorations


It’s that time of year again, we are all preparing for festivities and turning homes in to a wonderland that the North Pole would envy. When thinking of Christmas decor, many stick to one colour theme (traditionally red and green), but if you are looking for a change or, why not try neutral Christmas decorations this year?

If you’ve decided to make the change to neutral decorations, there is one main rule that you must follow to achieve your neutral winter wonderland… no colours! Sticking to white, silver and gold, with the exception of brown and copper, is the most important part of decorating, so be strict with yourself!

To make sure your décor doesn’t look plain, make sure you are using textures within your décor. Instead of having plain stockings on your fireplace, try a knitted pattern or different materials. When your tree, using decorations that are different shapes, sizes and materials makes your tree bolder and more attractive.

Another tree trick that makes it look fuller, without adding tinsel and large decorations, is getting a tree that has large branches and cover them with fake snow! This adds to your neutral décor by taking away some of the green of your tree (unless you are buying a white artificial tree).

Having a neutral tree (or another focal piece of décor) is your first step, but to make your décor even more dramatic, continue your neutral and textured décor throughout your room/home.  Add small decorations to your tables, such as ball balls in glass bowls, mini trees or ornaments such as snowflakes and reindeer.

If you would like even more Christmas décor inspiration, from simple and elegant to over the top and glamorous, you can view our Christmas Pinterest board here.

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