Earth Range – Meet the Designer

Earth Range – Meet the Designer

Alexander Joseph Relationship

Eva contacted Alexander Joseph’s managing director, Mark Robinson, after seeing one of his LinkedIn posts, several messages, half a dozen phone calls, and a couple of meetings later the two agreed to collaborate on a stand for Decorex 19. Eva designed furniture and even produced some original artwork to suit the space. The pair enjoyed the journey so much they vowed to find other ways in which they could collaborate.

Designing the Lamps

Originally Eva was to create a single range of four to five luxury cordless lamps. Unusually, there was to be no design brief, the only instruction was to ensure designs could accommodate the Alexander Joseph electronics and battery technology. Eva explains “the Alexander Joseph team were keen not to provide a brief or guidance of any kind, the rationale was to ensure my creativity was not influenced by their own thinking. Once I got my head around having absolutely no brief, it occurred to me what I really needed to do was design pieces that were fundamentally different to anything else they made.

I wanted to create a range of lamps that were more interesting than the sum of the designs, creating a theme as a starting point helped me focus in on materials and the aesthetic. I’d recently been working on new concepts for my furniture range and had been experimenting with natural metals and minerals. It struck me I hadn’t seen any lighting using bespoke metal finishes. The other concept running through my mind came from a long-held ambition to design around the written word having had a lifelong interest in writers, particularly poets.

Having taken to my sketch pad I came up with initial designs for both themes, then couldn’t decide between them. The first concept I named Earth as the intention was to use raw metals and materials in unusual guises. The second was named Scribble, a subtle nod to my childhood obsession with writing and a long-held desire to create something that recognised influential writers and the written word.

The Earth collection would use some of the more unusual materials our planet provides. This includes rough, smooth, warm, cold and layered textures. Rather than use the well-trodden path of polished materials.  The aspiration with the Scribble range was to encapsulate the essence of the penmanship, whether that be the written word or a casual doodle, perhaps using colours synonymous with ink and writing implements.

By the time I started producing my first renders, both concepts had some strong options, so I decided to show the Alexander Joseph team both options. When we eventually met I had more than 20 designs across two ranges. I was pretty sure the team would find designs they liked, what I didn’t expect was for them to extend the agreement and make all the options for both themes.


About Eva Baron

Eva Baron Design

Eva’s passion is for all things luxury. She started her own design practice after working within the superyacht interior design sector for RWD, and the high-end residential market. Eva is in the luxurious position of being able to work only on projects that interest her. Her website showcases her bespoke furniture designs and artwork.

Eva’s cutting-edge pieces embrace contemporary design, taking inspiration from futuristic building forms and haute couture fashion design. Traveling and visits to museums are a great source of inspiration. Simplicity in her work means knowing when to stop and going no further than the point of sophistication. Her passion is her furniture design.

Born and schooled near the Baltic Sea in Lithuania, Eva had an interesting upbringing. At sixteen her parents were separately forced to seek work in other countries leaving her to take care of her twelve-year-old sister.

Eva moved on to art school which helped her form an eye for composition. Then on to her local university where she gained a degree in interior design and architectural technology in 2008. Finally moving to the UK Eva completed her education with a BA Honours degree in Interior Architecture at The Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

Eva always wanted to be an interior designer, admittedly as a little girl it was because it sounded glamorous, the notion drove her to choose school subject that would give her the necessary grounding.

Finishing her education at the time of the 2008 financial crash seemed a little hollow, with little or no work in Lithuania. She took the bold step to move to the UK, despite speaking no English at the time.


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