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Which lightbulb do I need

Your Alexander Joseph lamp will come supplied with a bespoke LED lightbulb. This is low voltage DC and is specifically designed for Alexander Joseph lamps. It will not work in a mains lamp and off the shelf mains bulbs will not work with your lamp. If you need a replacement bulb they are available on our website www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk.

Note: using an Alexander Joseph light bulb in a mains lamp fitting will cause it to permanently fail.

Can I customise the finish or size of an item?

Lampshade designs and colours can be customised to match any customer requirements. Further customisation of the lamp itself maybe possible, please contact Alexander Joseph Ltd directly or through your interior designer.

How bright is the lamp?

The bespoke LED bulb gives off a warm light equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent bulb. We judge it to be suitable for a large table lamp. We do not reduce the brightness to artificially extend battery endurance. Our unparalleled endurance is due to using the very latest in high density cells.

How do I charge an Alexander Joseph lamp?

Each lamp is supplied with a mains powered charger, these plug into a small charging port on the side on the base plinth. The charge state is shown by a discreet LED within the charging port.

How long will the lamp last once charged?

Alexander Joseph lamps use the very latest high-density lithium ion batteries. A new lamp will last more than 50 hours between charges and intelligent internal battery management means a lamp will last many years before the batteries require replacement.

Can I replace the batteries in my lamp?

The batteries are an integral part of the lamp and are not designed to be replaced by customers. If the batteries in your lamp require replacement Alexander Joseph offer a battery replacement and lamp refurbishment service. We will collect your lamp and return it as good as new. Please see our website for more details www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk.

Can I take my Alexander Joseph lamp outside?

The beauty of a cordless table lamp is you can take it anywhere and it would work perfectly on a warm summer’s evening outside on a patio. However, the lamps are not waterproof and not designed to be left outdoors.

How long after I order will I receive my lamp?

Up to 4 weeks.

How will my order be delivered?

We aim to deliver most lamps in the UK using our own vehicle and dedicated, knowledgeable staff who will help set up your lamp and remove any packaging. For orders further afield we will use trusted couriers and plastic free packaging.

What if I have a problem with my delivery or order?

Please contact Alexander Joseph by using the number on our website www.alexanderjoseph.co.uk and we will endeavour to help.

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