How personalisation can transform your home

How personalisation can transform your home

Where you live can arguably be one of the biggest decisions you make… whether it is an apartment or a house you are choosing between, or England or Australia; the place you call home is always important.

Having a place become personal and meaningful to you is what makes it a ‘home’ to many people. Having your own touch on any place will make it comforting, calming and an escape from the busy world outside your front door.

Some may make a home personal by adding photos or simply decorating exactly to their taste; however, some people make adaptations to their home that are more unique. Here are our favourites;

This image below is of an industrial style home that has an adapted living room, leaving space to store a motorcycle. An ideal solution for anyone who does not want to leave their car outdoors or has a special vehicle worthy of a place inside a home!

For someone who may live in an area with little outdoor space, this vertical herb garden on a kitchen wall is a great way to bring the outdoors in and unleash your inner green thumb. The vertical design is not only pleasing on the eye, but a great way to save space!

If you are a fan of writing lists, or you need to have something written down for you to remember it, chalk board paint is a great idea to have in a home. You can either paint a full wall or keep it small; it is an easy way to add creativity to a room.

Use chalk paint in the kitchen to write down recipes and dinner plans or use it in an office as a space to  write down notes and lists!

Whether it is adding soft furnishings to come home to at the end of a stressful day, or hiring an architect to make room for a car in your kitchen, making a home yours can be done however you want it to be.

To see more ideas of unique home adaptations, head over to our Pinterest and take a look through our range of boards, from living room décor to swimming pools:

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