Interior Designer Spotlight

Interior Designer Spotlight

At Alexander Joseph we have the privilege to work with many fantastic designers. We have selected a small number of our favourites that include our cordless lighting.


Nykke Jones – Ivory Buckingham


We were delighted when we were shown the images of this design of a Lilliput, Poole home by Nykke Jones. The colourful palette mixed with a traditional style is the perfect setting to feature two of our ivory Buckingham cordless lamps.

Not only is this a fabulous interior , but it was also nominated for an SBID award!



NW3 Interiors – Charcoal Highclere


NW3 Interiors used Alexander Joseph lighting in a way that wowed us. Our oversized, traditional style, Highclere lamp was used for a side table that had no room in the design for messy cables.

Although the design is contemporary, the glass body and size of our lamp made it perfectly suitable for this property.



NW3 Interiors – Mustard Chatsworth


Another design by NW3 Interiors was this traditional and bright living room. The smallest lamp in our collections, Chatsworth, was used to bring out even more colour in its mustard body colour and brass base.




Hannah Corcoran – Olive Blenheim


Although it is not a home design, we simply love the display of our glass Blenheim lamps in the Hannah Corcoran showroom in Ireland.

The collection of beautiful furniture and materials is the ideal setting to display this traditional style lamp. You can view a small selection of our lamps in the Hannah Corcoran showroom, visit our ‘Stockists’ page to find out where.




Ana Englehorn – Bespoke


A style like no other… this design by Ana Englehorn was like no other. We were delighted when Ana reached out to us to design a range of bespoke cordless lamps, including this Jade piece which was the perfect fit for this arm chair and side table.

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