Limited Edition Vortex

One of a kind – Vortex

Inspiration flowing into
uncompromising design

The inspiration for the piece came from the mundane task of changing the oil in one of our machines. Steve Burns, Technical director at Alexander Joseph was draining an oil bath when he noticed the vortex as the oil drained from the bottom, with light streaming through a window the vortex was changing colour from deep chocolate to amber. Pretty soon we got to work on designs with master glassblower Stuart Wiltshire of Stuart Wiltshire Glass.

The glass body is 25mm thick to provide the structural integrity needed to twist the glass once it was hand blown. Stuart explains “One of the most challenging elements of producing the piece was having to polish out the tool marks having twisted the molten glass”.

The other major challenge came from making the hand-crafted sconce.  This small piece of chromed stainless-steel frustrated craftsmen for almost 2 months. One of the challenges was how to contain a liquid resin within a curved surface without edges.

Vortex sits upon a silver coloured plinth which houses the patent pending battery technology and circuitry. As with all Alexander Joseph lamps, users can expect at least 52 hours of continuous use before the lamp needs recharging. Put another way, 3-4 weeks of evening use.

A bespoke sixteen-inch drum shade in silver crepe satin silk lovingly rolled around a hand-crafted frame finishes this luxury cordless lamp.

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As with all Alexander Joseph battery operated lamps, users are guaranteed 52 hours of continuous use per charge, put another way three to four weeks of normal use. Vortex is supplied with a certificate of authenticity at RRP £4,920.

Delivery: Up to 4 weeks


HEIGHT 520mm
WIDTH 195mm


Charger power supply Input: 100 – 240Vac 50-60Hz
Bulb Bespoke LED, low voltage dc, E27 type, supplied with product. Replacements available from Do not use off the shelf mains equivalent.
Battery Li-ion 52-56 hour endurance, Alexander Joseph bespoke


CE marked / WEEE / REACH / RoHS / ERP
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