Limited Edition

Limited Edition – Blaze

The very first of our
‘one of a kind’ cordless lamps

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We set out to create something truly stunning, which also pushed the boundaries of conventional wisdom on what artisan craftsmen could make by hand.

The base of the lamp conceals the electronics, drivers and high-density batteries that control our lamps.

This very special base has been painstakingly plated in 24ct Gold, as have all the lamp fittings.

The body of the lamp was handblown in the UK by a master craftsman. Due to the sheer size and weight of the molten glass, a bespoke platform was made to allow the glassblower sufficient clearance to work the material.

The spectacular Cobalt colour is reminiscent of an equatorial night sky. Made from the world’s finest glass, this spectacular piece posed a monumental challenge for the team creating it.

Over 20 attempts were made to perfect the shape and size. Blown too fast and the huge shape would not form, blown too slowly, the weight of the molten glass would stretch leaving rings around the body.

The simultaneous process of adding 24ct Gold leaf to the glass body was perhaps the most difficult element of the lamp’s creation. Two glassblowers working in tandem were able to infuse the Cobalt glass with the gold leaf as it was being manoeuvred during the shaping of the body.

The lampshade is handmade upon a 24ct gold plated shade ring by an artisan whose family has been making lampshades for well over 100 years. The drum shape covered in a rare gold silk crowns the majestic lamp perfectly.

Assembled, the lamp stands over three quarters of a metre tall and weighs in at 10.2 Kgs.

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