Our 5 top reasons for going cordless with your lighting.

Our 5 top reasons for going cordless with your lighting.

We are now living in an era that no longer demands cables! “Cutting the cord” means we no longer need to be tied to the wall by an internet cable. We don’t have to sit next to sockets to charge our mobiles. Gone are the days of relocating a vacuum’s plug to reach the next room. Wireless internet, wireless charging, cordless vacuums, wireless headphones, cordless power tools and now, cordless lamps.

Based on our customer feedback here are the top 5 reasons for switching to battery operated table lamps:


Not restricted by cord length or proximity to power sockets.

Place your cordless lamp in the middle of your dining table, sit it on that side table away from the wall, lay out your furniture where ever you want it, rather than where your plug sockets dictate.



No unsightly cables

Dangling below console tables, ‘hidden’ under rugs, extension cables after extension cables, no longer a problem.





Versatility (Room to room, or even outdoors)

You could buy 10 lamps, or you could just buy a few that you can move around… Our portable table lamps allow you to pick them up and move them to wherever you want.



Not having to move sockets

Are you planning a furniture switch around? Nobody wants to take up their expensive oak flooring or perfectly laid carpet to relocate their plug sockets. Cordless means; no cost, no waiting, no fuss.




Outdoor lighting

Entertaining outside? Don’t be time restricted by the sun light. When it gets dark, take your portable lamp outside and carry on enjoying evening. Alternatively, use cordless lighting to add a little opulence to your alfresco dinning experience.




Our luxury cordless lamps are decorative and durable. With 54 different lamps in our standard range you are sure to find the right one. We are also able to create bespoke lampshades, so they can fit your space perfectly. We guarantee a total of 52+ hours of light before your lamp needs recharging. With normal use, that’s around 4 weeks from a single charge. To shop our lamps, click here.

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