Product lead times cut from twelve to four weeks

Product lead times cut from twelve to four weeks

This weekend heralded the final commissioning of the Alexander Joseph production facilities in Dorset. Lead times for the made to order products will be cut by two thirds to four weeks.

The company launched it’s ‘first to market’ luxury cordless lamps mid-September quoting lead times of twelve weeks. Steve Burns, technical director at Alexander Joseph explains the reduction in lead times. “We started investing in a production workshop prior to our launch but recognised it would we sometime before it was fully operational, primarily due to the supply of specialist equipment.

The new facility allows us to quadruple our production. We have also invested an additional £500,000 in materials and storage space. Viewed collectively these measures significantly reduce lead times for our luxury products.”

The company’s creative & design studio will remain at its current location for the time being, however it is hoped the two functions, along with the business’s offices will eventually be amalgamated under one roof.

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