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Our Earth collection was designed to highlight some of the more unusual materials our planet provides. The collection includes rough, smooth, warm, cold and layered textures, just as you would expect from the raw materials.

This round high gloss lacquered black body has been hand sculpted. The circular cutaway sections have been finished in a golden brass textured flat finish. With matching base and fittings.

This lamp is supplied with a 19” black silk satin drum shade.

Our lamps are completely handmade to exacting standards. Quality is subjective, this said, we are confident you will not find better made lamps anywhere in the world.

We are proud to claim our products are 100% British. The components we buy are from trusted British suppliers. Every component is inspected upon delivery to our workshops, materials that do not meet our required standard are rejected.

Each lamp is supplied with a 12 month, no quibble, warranty. Any purchases via our website can be returned within 14 days for a full refund if buyers are not completely satisfied with the quality of their purchase.

We have ensured lamps have a low centre of gravity to reduce the likelihood of lamps being knocked over. Because we use quality materials, lamps are heavy, these two factors provide the best protection against those “little accidents”.

Lamp bases are engineered and assembled by Alexander Joseph. The high-density cells and electronics that power our lamps are deliberately discreet to ensure the aesthetics of the lamp are not compromised.

You will find a unique USB style charging port in the side of your lamp base. All lamps are supplied with a dedicated charger, rated especially for use with your purchase. Within the charging port there are red and green lights to let you know when you lamp is charged, charging, running low and fully depleted. Lamps will provide at least 52 hours of continuous use, put another way, 3-4 weeks of normal use before recharging is required.

The LED bulb in your lamp has been designed by Alexander Joseph, it is rated for at least 50,000 hours of use. Replacement bulbs can be purchased via our website at a reasonable cost.

The underside of each lamp base is covered in a hard compound anti slip rubber, this ensures surfaces are not scratched or marked by your lamp. The internal chassis of the base is made of stainless steel, alloy covers are formed over our engineered mould to ensure a perfect fit.

All fittings are colour coded to match the colour of lamp bases. Turning your lamp on is via a traditional wheel mechanism, simply turn the wheel until you hear a double click. Fittings are assembled by hand to ensure they are perfectly positioned on to the handmade bodies.

Our lamp bodies are made of the finest English glass or ceramic, blown or turned in artisan workshops, every piece is inspected prior to assembly to ensure continuity of quality.

Your lamp will be supplied with a silk lampshade, handmade by a specialist family supplier who has been trading continuously for over 100 years. Bespoke lampshades are made in the same workshop following identical processes.

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Delivery: Up to 12 weeks


HEIGHT 810mm
WIDTH 200mm
DEPTH 200mm


Charger power supply Input: 100 – 240Vac 50-60Hz
Bulb Bespoke LED, low voltage dc, E27 type, supplied with product. Replacements available from Do not use off the shelf mains equivalent.
Battery Li-ion 52-56 hour endurance, Alexander Joseph bespoke


CE marked / WEEE / REACH / RoHS / ERP
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