Raising Awareness for Mental Health

This month Alexander Joseph have firmly embraced mental health awareness month. The business and staff have benefited from the month-long exercise. Talking about mental health in all its forms has delivered some good ideas on how the company and staff can enhance care.

One idea offered by a staff member was the inclusion of a mental health element to staff appraisals, almost a mental health MOT. There was so much enthusiasm staff even came up with the questions to be used. Managing Director, Mark Robinson said “everyone in the team was so captivated by the notion of ensuring colleagues were cared for, they pretty much came up with, and implemented a plan without management intervention. This kind of debate and buy-in is incredibly gratifying, it signals the business has a team, rather than some employees”.

To signal the end of the month-long campaign the business held a ‘bring your dog to work day’ which is always hugely entertaining. By enlarge participants were very well behaved, and great fun.

Click here for mental health help and support.

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