What makes an item ‘luxury’?

What makes an item ‘luxury’?

By definition, the meaning of the word luxury is “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”; but this may be changing. To one individual, luxury may be the size of their home, to another it may be what the home is made of – the question is, what is luxury to you?


Using high-quality materials, along with handmade craftsmanship, is what many companies and manufacturers use to ensure they have a product that can be called ‘luxury’. Defining a product as luxury typically comes with aesthetics, quality materials and a price tag that reflects these two factors. Similarly, a luxury brand will have a clear identity, signature, and product integrity, which is why many designers, for example, use luxury brands in their work.


Changes is the interior design world have seen an increase in personalisation in design, meaning that not only will an interior designer tailor a home to fit the needs of their client, but they will also include personal touches that you may not find in another home. Making a house a home is done not by physically living under a roof, but adding touches that separate a home from a furniture shop. Staffan Tollgard, of Tollgard Design Group, recently gave the view opinion that “luxury can be achieved, but only for an individual”; meaning money can be spent, but unless there is a personal touch or connection, it may not be a luxury after all.


During a Designscape webinar, Shalini Misra, owner of Shalini Misra Design, read the quote “ have nothing in your home that you don’t believe to be useful or beautiful”. This quote reflects the importance of loving what you have, and surrounding yourself with what you love is the ultimate luxury. “Good products have client influence” – Karen Howes founder of Taylor Howes Designs. This reiterates the view that luxury is becoming personal, and that there cannot be one universal definition.


At Alexander Joseph we believe in using high quality and lasting materials, ensuring our products are not only among the best, but remain the best. We want our products to be cherished by those who use them, and to remain sentimental as a quality item.

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